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Adult stories: Semar Mesem teacher

why today there is still a main teacher of witchcraft. But anyway, the teacher's behavior Marsum, 49 (not her real name), is really like in the story of Drona Pendita perwayangan. Through science Semar Mesem or Jaran Guyang, a student trustee, Ny. Point, 35 (not her real name), from Pasuruan (East Java) successfully dikadali and Umor.

Perwayangan tersebutlah in the story, from pertapan Sokalima Pendita Drona, is a reliable teacher for families Pendawa and Kauravas. He did not just mastered the science of magic and archery, but also experts conquering women. Through spell Jaran Guyang and Semar Mesem he teaches, many straight women break their knees and thighs on pupils Drona. But unfortunately, when Drona itself needs to conquer Heroine, Rukmini, or Setyaboma, never succeeded.

Such science was also owned by Mr. Marsum Teachers who teach in an elementary district Gondang Wetan, WordPress. His appearance is actually normal. But thanks to spell it, he could ngrentengi (holding) a cute girl in his class. When his mouth was mumbling, and then hand picking tip collar, wes hewes hewes ...., Straight girls and can digathol nyanthol!

Marsum expertise as a ladies' man is tested. See the girl on the street, a cursory look at the teacher has been able to ensure that she could searching. When his friends could not believe it, Marsum immediately got out and approached the girl. Eh, a few minutes later he was able to number them and berhalo HP-halo along the way with him. Even at times, beautiful ex-convict also managed digaetnya met only once. I hope not to be Attorney Heru Sutopo volume II.

Due to his knowledge the patent, teachers Marsum so easy so adventurous romance, from one flower to another flower. Later, he was in love with Mrs.. Parent who happens to point one of his students. In the eyes of the teacher of this womanizer, woman's body and appearance is good and necessary Umor. So without thinking anymore, wes hewes ... .., the science of his Mesem Semar was fired.

In just a matter of minutes, Ny. Direct point-klepeg klepeg, like a buffalo's nose matched. Invited to anywhere by the teacher, he went along. Includes hotel and taken to his own wife Umor tub. And since then, Ny. The point seems to be oblivious to her husband at home. In his mind there was only one face of Teachers Marsam.

Action voodoo Marsam exposed when he sent an SMS to the point of intimate and readable by Bandi, 40, her husband. When investigated and clarified, Point said yes, even he said, he wanted to ask for a divorce to be able to marry the teacher Marsam. "I'm better off if they are not married to him," said the steady point once.

Well, what stamp husband would not be surprised to hear that statement seperitu? Suspecting something was wrong, Bandi immediately find a chaplain. Apparently after the prayers recited, point back to consciousness. He was so embarrassed because all this has done much to overdo Marsam teacher. Not willing to meddle with him diobok parties have no right, with her husband complained to the Human Resources Agency Point Pasuruan. Ask the teacher Drona this mental fired and arrested.

Fortunately has not hit "Cunda bead" Teacher Marsam. (DS / Gunarso TS)

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